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Chillin by Maccarooon
Ursedrah-Tahru(c) by PoisonedLoveaj
Phantoms Rule Jamma Drools by NightLlGHT
Commission for MiaHanssen by Loopy44
2016 background contest.
Contest  background entry for Animal jam by buddythefluffyAJ
Animal Jam Contest by ImagineMinty
my entry to animal jam contest by MagicalSunnyspirit
Some Aj Contest by Fluffybutfun-TFM
Fan Art 2
AJ player base: yolodacat by YoloDaCat
New friends by x0skyox
BlackMystical ac by PoisonedLoveaj
Shaded headshot commision for: Hlop100 by nicoleta84AJ
Based Work
Sakes in Animal Jam? by AJArtStudio
You have been challenged by an arctic wolf....? by xXNerdyMersquidXx
Feathers by AJArtStudio
The Cloaked Cardinal by AJArtStudio
I don't know by PancakesMadness
Box Squad comics: episode 1 by AskTheBoxSquad
Rares by charamel-rhino
Caleb by AshleyJade234
Player base by FayDog
Oh (Screenshot) by Ninjago-Fan
o h by masterviki
New animal by FayDog
Screenshots 2
Animal Jam|Their Loss! XD by Mousegirlabc
Animal Jam - The family by Crocodile-From-Space
really by snow-puppers
Contest Entry for BlueAngelPower2003 by LeviAJRoyale
AJ Masterpieces
AnimalJam|Bendy And The Ink Machine|AjMasterpiece2 by Mousegirlabc
Trading Item For Item
Trading Away 3~ by iiEmmyTheUnicornii
Art Sales and Requests
Animal Jam items for Art by The-Fluffy-Canna
Scammer Alerts
Animal Jam|SCAMMER!! by Mousegirlabc
Fan Art
AJ Masterpiece - Sucy from Little Witch Acadamia by leviphantom
Glitch by FayDog
Of Wolves and Phantoms by FaithLeafCat



There's been posts on the main page that AJHQ is banning accounts participating in sale of AJ items offsite, and also that people have been going through this group's folders and reporting people's account names who have been trading and selling for deviantart points, art, or otherwise.

On the official instagram, AJHQ has said that they are banning people who do sales for real money on ebay, with their reason for it being how dangerous the potential of offsite trade-scamming is.

So be wary of who you give your username to, as you could get reported by someone and banned! I'm not going to be removing the trading and sales folder from this group but I would advise all of you to take extra care, as AJHQ may not look as kindly upon deviantart selling as first thought.

Also, I discourage people from reporting the accounts of fellow group members! Everyone's here to have fun, and getting someone else banned permanently from the game for a minor infraction can really ruin someone's week. Not everyone's out to scam people, so getting them banned when they had nothing but the best intentions in mind and may even not have heard that selling is against the rules isn't very kind.

Special thanks to ToxiePoxie and Faolannn for bringing this issue up four days ago.

My late response is because I was kinda busy on new years, so sorry about that.

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