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Welcome to the Group!


Warn others about scammers Here

Thanks to FairyTailAJ for the premium membership!

And thanks to ProfessorAurabolt for the page background!

These are the folder guidelines:

:bulletred: Featured Do not submit here. Admins choose what goes in this folder from the main gallery.

:bulletorange: Fan Art Drawings of animals from the game, Jamaa Lands, Alphas, Phantoms, etc.

:bulletyellow: Comics Comics about animal jam, should include at least 2 panels, and if not go into the Fan Art section.

:bulletgreen: Based Work All work drawn using BASES or TRACED OVER/COPIED from official game artwork.

:bulletblue: Journals Journals made about Animal Jam.

:bulletpurple: Writing Short stories about Animal Jam.

:bulletpink: Clans, RP, and Parties Any deviations with information about clans/group roleplay/den parties within the game go here.

:bulletred: Screenshots Screenshots of the game.

:bulletorange: Trading Anything Excluding animal jam items for points Or Currency Trading Items For Items Only! Remember these tips for avoiding scams!!!

:bulletyellow: Contests Contests involving animal jam characters/ with animal jam items as prizes. (Note: Contest entries go into the fan art folder.) (Note 2: This folder is for unofficial member contests, not entries into official group contests)

:bulletgreen: Art Sales and Requests Offers to draw for other people (animal jam related please)

:bulletblue: Scammer Alerts Warnings to others about Animal Jam Scams

:bulletpurple: AJ Masterpieces For art made in the Animal Jam on-site art program.

:bulletpink: Glitches For screenshots showcasing any of the many glitches on the website.

:bulletred: Videos For videos of gameplay.

:bulletorange: Misc. Things that don't fit into the above categories.

:bulletred: Deviations not relating to Animal Jam; Warriors fan art and OCs (clans section only pertains to AJ clans), Characters that aren't from Animal Jam, Any Thing posted That involves selling items for currency or points is an extreme no no
Begging or posting submissions asking for items will no longer be tolerated

Gallery Folders

For Defender - Transparent Bckground by Crystalball363
The truth by PancakesMadness
13madi I CaptianSly by Kavalava
Headdress wanted! by neoDualism
2016 background contest.
Contest  background entry for Animal jam by buddythefluffyAJ
Animal Jam Contest by ImagineMinty
my entry to animal jam contest by MagicalSunnyspirit
Some Aj Contest by Fluffybutfun-TFM
Fan Art 2
littlecutepaw commission by Sylzagoon
Ardy  by CheerCreativity
ilovepigs92 ((Art Request #2)) by MK200AJ
Abc999jg ((Art Request #1)) by MK200AJ
How to describe being a New Jammer in Animal Jam by namiratefoxton
Animal Jam moment: Inhales by PancakesMadness
Animal Jam moment: Princess in microwave by PancakesMadness
Animal Jam School roleplay moment: the letter Tea by PancakesMadness
Animal Jam|SCAMMER (3) by AJPolice
Animal Jam|BULLY (6) by AJPolice
The Horror Trio by RavenheartDraws
what is this by Roseyicywolf
Screenshots 2
even more art from the aj art studio by YoloDaCat
are these usefull? by asarosed
Animal Jam|BULLY (5) by AJPolice
Hue :D by asarosed
Kitty x2 by Kitty05oo
AJ Masterpieces
OH. by asarosed
Trading Item For Item
ANYONE HAVE 13 BLACK LONGS (AJ) by loveart56
Scammer Alerts
I feel like my buddy tried to scam me by Shadowheart-the-WC
Fan Art
Animal Jam|For trade (1) [AVAILABLE] by Mousegirlabc
Animal Jam HEADLESS SHARKS Glitch! (Video) by PurrpleTiger
Dancing Sergie by PancakesMadness



There's been posts on the main page that AJHQ is banning accounts participating in sale of AJ items offsite, and also that people have been going through this group's folders and reporting people's account names who have been trading and selling for deviantart points, art, or otherwise.

On the official instagram, AJHQ has said that they are banning people who do sales for real money on ebay, with their reason for it being how dangerous the potential of offsite trade-scamming is.

So be wary of who you give your username to, as you could get reported by someone and banned! I'm not going to be removing the trading and sales folder from this group but I would advise all of you to take extra care, as AJHQ may not look as kindly upon deviantart selling as first thought.

Also, I discourage people from reporting the accounts of fellow group members! Everyone's here to have fun, and getting someone else banned permanently from the game for a minor infraction can really ruin someone's week. Not everyone's out to scam people, so getting them banned when they had nothing but the best intentions in mind and may even not have heard that selling is against the rules isn't very kind.

Special thanks to ToxiePoxie and Faolannn for bringing this issue up four days ago.

My late response is because I was kinda busy on new years, so sorry about that.

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